Who says we no longer communicate?

07 Jul


SO the weeks fly by and with good intentions to blog something every week, I must have blinked, because almost 2 weeks have passed since my last one.

What compels me to blog? Its the enjoyment of expression, and not really caring if someone reads it or not.  Having “said” that I feel great when someone does like it… so there do not hold back:)

Since February this year I have been facilitating a and for those of you who do not know what that is, it is worth having a look …..  it  is a whole new world. Not only “my” group but the meetup concept.

What initial was a slow start is rapidly building into  a great group who meets weekly and has interesting conversations. What I like about the group that I facilitate is,  the diversity of people coming together, with two similarities. Coffee,  and being able to have a discussion that is deeper than : “Hows the weather?”

Philosophy is a great thing and there are no rights or wrongs,but rather expressions of viewpoints that may or may not challenge the person.  So for some this may be a little too airy fairy,  I would rather see it as a personal development growth, because i am allowed to think, and express my thoughts and feelings, without being told ” That is too deep for me”

The rapid growth of a group like this, indicates to me there is a hunger to communicate on a deeper level, and hence to form connections on a deeper level.

We have vary different topics, however what strikes me is that those on relationship creates the most interest, and for me, I find them the most fascinating, and obviously I am not alone in that thinking.

Next week topic is about “What is Love?”  with no answers  to the question, i look forward how love is perceived and what it means to different people. What I am also really interested in is, in how men and women perceive this concept of love in different ways. How and where we misinterpret this feeling, and where and when it either grows or just fades away. 

Love is a splendor-ed  thing, and I look forward to have a philosophical discussion on the topic.

So with my knowledge and training and  being 51:)  I decided that  I have some knowledge on this subject and created a website

We will run workshops and philosophy groups, and it is a place to make contact and you too can speak to “The Wise One”  oh that’s me:) (tongue in cheek)

So find a group, connect and philosophy over nothing and life is good…. See you next time, which is hopefully with good intentions next week.







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One response to “Who says we no longer communicate?

  1. Dharmesh Patel

    July 7, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    Like the idea of Philosophy and Coffee. Marriage made in heaven.


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